Practical betterments

Practical Betterments is a collection of one-off actions that improve your life continuously.

For the past year I've been collecting what I was calling "life hacks", but are really their own thing — that I've decided to call practical betterments. Partly because life hack is sort of vague and can mean anything from "make your bed every morning", to "use toilet rolls to organize your wires" — but mostly because the domain was available.

I didn't originally intend for this collection to be a website — but after boring everyone I know with them, it seemed important for my personal life to have an outlet.

I've collected over a hundred of these — and am trying to write one up every morning1. You can learn more about them on the about page or jump right in and get a taste for the kind of thing it is with these:

I hope you enjoy them,

  1. Such optimisim. I write one a week now. ↩︎

29 Jul 2023
29 Jul 2023
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