About me

Hi, I'm Nathaniel, a web developer who thinks the internet has generally been a bad idea so far. I love making highly optimized websites that minimize the harm the internet does to the planet, society, and mental health.

I have a lovely partner (whose website I made), and a lovely dog (who doesn't require a website, but may well get one).

I'm freelance. I will build or consult on projects in exchange for money (or snacks depending on the project). You can attempt to hire me using the contact form.

Me and my dog Pan.

The work I'm proudest of…

  • Doodad

    Creative graphic design tools, including a pattern generator, gradient generator, and an image ditherer. More tools in the works.

  • Prod

    A web extension to-do list. It blocks addictive sites until you've finished your to-dos. This was the first thing I built that people actually helped people. I'll be doing some final touches to it soon and then setting it free (open sourcing it).

  • Articles on this site

    Including Why your website should be under 14kB in size, which was read 250,000 times shortly after it was published — and Actually, dark mode can save the world, which was read by nobody.

  • Spin the wheel

    Specifically, getting the click sound and the flipper animation timed correctly. This required learning linear algebra and how to synthesizers work. The whole thing fits under 14kB.

  • Practical Betterments

    The latest project out of these. A collection of one-off actions that improve your life continuously — however marginally. It's a list to consult when you're in the mood to improve, but your brain isn't working.