Emoji Clipboard

Emoji Clipboard was born out of a previous tool I made to sort emojis by category. Just a bit of fun, like searching emojis related to 'France', 'Trump', 'Gender Inequality', 'Harry Potter' etc.

That tool was so CPU heavy I decided to ditch it, until I could find a way of rebuilding it in a fast and accessible way.

Well, during a weekend when I didn't want to do any real work, I finally used the data to create a new version of the tool.

How emoji clipboard is built. #

Eleventy #

Emoji Clipboard is a static site built using Eleventy. Eleventy is great for building static sites. It makes it easy to generate a seperate page for each category using FaunaDB as a backend. It's also got a great tool for pagination, used for the home page and 'most popular pages.'

The search and emoji counters were made with vanilla javascript, Netlify Functions, and FaunaDB.

13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020
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